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« Merci infiniment pour cette récompense, je suis super heureuse, je vais faire au mieux pour 2021. »
(Josette Schott, 06.01.2021)

«Wow, was für eine super schöne Überraschung, ganz herzlichen Dank! Damit habe ich nun wirklich nicht gerechnet, Hammer – zumal ich auch sehr gerne für «Euch» schreibe, mich selbst immer wieder inspirieren lasse.»
(Teddy B, 06.01.2021)

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Estimation du 21.06.2019 (♥♥♥♥♥)

Wanderung durch die Schlucht der Poëta Raisse

Son commentaire
Very nice hike, easy to reach from Neuchatel. The path is always very well posted. The first part is through woods, till one reaches the gorge. After about 15 mins along lovely waterfalls, you'll suddenly find yourself out in the mountains. The last part offers nice views of the lake. The patch can be at points slippery, also because from the top part till almost the end is shared with the bike route.

Marché le 16.06.2019


Estimation du 15.06.2019 (♥♥♥♥♥)

Höhenwanderung über den Dreibündenstein

Son commentaire
The starting place, Chur, is easy to reach. From the train station it's a short walk to the cable cars. Some ten minutes after Alp Malix you will find a small lake, and go around it. From there to the top the path is at points not very well marked. However, if you have the app you will not get lost. Views are great. It might take quite less than 4 hours to complete the hike. I started at 9.30 and easily made it to Feldis by 1.

Marché le 15.06.2019