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Winter Hike from Einsiedeln to Rothenthurm

Einsiedeln Station - Monastery - Einsiedeln Station - Katzenstrick Pass - Altmatt - Rothenthurm

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Einsiedeln Station - Monastery - Einsiedeln Station - Katzenstrick Pass - Altmatt - Rothenthurm

Published/updated on 24.01.2019 by GabrielleMerk | 25831 points
 | Date of Tour: 16.01.2019 

The massive Einsiedeln Abbey marks one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Switzerland; the monastery, founded by a monk named Meinrad in 934, is an important stop on the St.James Trail through Switzerland and worth the 30-minute detour before starting on the actual hike. In particular, the Black Madonna (made of black marble) is the main attraction here besides the stunning baroque façade and interior, the largest baroque monastery in Switzerland.

Back at the train station, the winter trail heads up to the Chatzenstrick Pass, an easy 200 meter ascent on the main road, possibly dry and clean even in winter. At the pass, you get a stunning view over the city of Einsiedeln and the Glarus Alps as a backdrop.

On the other side, the trail continues down toward the Rothenthurm Moor; here the road will probably be covered in snow because this North side gets less sun. The Rothenthurm Moor is Switzerland's largest upland moor and under national protection since the Rothenthurm Initiative of 1987. There are unique ecosystems and organisms here that are in danger of extinction due to the rapid disappearance of moorlands in Switzerland.

In summer there are lovely trails through this moor, but also in winter, besides being a paradise for cross-country skiers, there are prepared trails for people who want to enjoy lots of afternoon sunshine in this wide open area.

Published/updated on 24.01.2019 by GabrielleMerk (25831 points) | Date of Tour: 16.01.2019

Route Infos

Central Switzerland
Time Required
3 hours
11 km
245 m
200 m
Max. Altitude
1050 m
Min. Altitude
880 m
Season Start / Season End
December - March
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Rothenthurm Moor is a moor of national importance, declared a protected area after the Rothenthurm Initiative of 1987.
Starting Point
Einsiedeln Station
Starting Point with Public Transport
Rothenthurm Station
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Einsiedeln, Chatzenstrick (after the pass) Altmatt, Rothenthurm
Things to Note
Photos are not allowed in the cathedral. // In summer you can also walk through the grounds of the cathedral to view the horses bred here. // There used to be a restaurant at the Chatzenstrick Pass. It is unsure if the new building currently being built there will offer a restaurant. // The trails on the moor are not cleared every day, so can be churned up a bit if the snow is soft.

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