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From Immensee to Weggis on the Rigi Lehnenweg
2 hours 45 minutes / 10 km

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From Baden to Dielsdorf over the Lägeren Mountains

Baden - Lägeren - Regensberg - Dielsdorf

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Baden - Lägeren - Regensberg - Dielsdorf

Published/updated on 07.12.2015 by GabrielleMerk | 27358 points
 | Date of Tour: 09.04.2015 | Favourite Entries (7) 

The trail from Dielsdorf to Baden across the Lägern is the first stage of the “Jura Crest Trail” which links Zurich to Geneva across the top of the Jura Mountains. This stage takes about 4 hours in either direction and is one that can... read more >>

The trail from Dielsdorf to Baden across the Lägern is the first stage of the “Jura Crest Trail” which links Zurich to Geneva across the top of the Jura Mountains. This stage takes about 4 hours in either direction and is one that can easily be done at a time of year when the higher alpine mountains are covered in snow.

This description is for starting the hike in Baden, i.e the “Tail End” of the “Jura Crest Trail Stage 1”. After checking out the cute and twisty alleys of old town Baden, and a trip up to the old fortress ruins if desired, you leave Baden across the old wooden covered bridge and the gate tower to the East, and then ascend a steep stairway to the Schartenfels castle, which also has a restaurant. From there the ridge trail begins, ascending a total of 400 m in a steady uphill climb.

(For those who don’t want to walk the more challenging portion of the ridge, there is an easier trail from Schartenfels along the North flank of the mountain that joins the ridge trail about 3 km further East).

The 1.5-hour hike across the narrow almost vertical rocks of the Lägeren Ridge requires balance and concentration and is not recommended for people afraid of heights. But it’s a great adventure and offers a totally different hiking experience. From there to the restaurant at Hochwacht and onwards is an easy walk through a forest trail with various views to the Alps in the South and the flat lands to the North.

The downhill approach toward Regensberg offers lovely views of this medieval town and its lookout tower. The town was founded in about 1200 but rebuilt in 1450 after fire destroyed all the homes. The town still retains its medieval flair; a visit up the tower (costs 1 Fr) is recommended.

For those who want to finish the tour here, there is a bus from Regensberg to the Dielsdorf train station. Otherwise, the approx. 30-minute walk to the Dielsdorf train station is all downhill, and Dielsdorf has its share of attractive half-timbered homes which are also worth a look.

Published/updated on 07.12.2015 by GabrielleMerk (27358 points) | Date of Tour: 09.04.2015

Route Infos

Time Required
4 hours
13 km
559 m
514 m
Max. Altitude
862 m
Min. Altitude
360 m
Season Start / Season End
January - December
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Baden fortress ruins; Baden old town; Long-range Air Traffic radar station along the ridge; Old town Regensberg and its tower.
Starting Point
Baden Train Station
Starting Point with Public Transport
Dielsdorf Train Station
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Baden, Rest. Schartenfels, Rest. Hochwacht, Regensberg, Dielsdorf
Things to Note
Rocky portion of the ridge is tricky and only for people without vertigo. Also not recommended when wet or icy. There is an alternate route from the Schartenfels Castle along the North flank, but this can also be icy in winter months.

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Auch in umgekehrter Richtung (Dielsdorf - Baden) eine tolle Wanderung. Gemütlich geht...

Rating: 5/6

Hiked on 06.04.2018 by steinerpulimeno

Auch in umgekehrter Richtung (Dielsdorf - Baden) eine tolle Wanderung. Gemütlich geht es hinauf bis zur Aussichtsplatform (Hochwacht). Dann wird es auf dem Grat um einiges anstrengender. Beim Lägernsattel muss man sich entscheiden, ob spannend (dann geradeaus, Trittsicherheit und trockener Boden unbedingt nötig) oder gemütlich (dann rechts hinunter auf dem Jurahöhenweg / Weitwanderweg Nr. 5).

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Published/updated on 08.04.2017 by GabrielleMerk

This easy hike is ideal for early spring especially when the leaves are just starting to emerge from the trees and bushes in the forest.

It is a historical tour... more >>

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Tour Ratings 1
Favourite Entries 4
Favourite Entries 4