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From Immensee to Weggis on the Rigi Lehnenweg
2 hours 45 minutes / 10 km

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Roundtour from Fiescheralp on the Aletsch Panorama Trail

Fiescheralp - Tälligrat - Märjelen-Stausee - Platta - Märjelen - Panorama Trail - Fiescheralp

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Fiescheralp - Tälligrat - Märjelen-Stausee - Platta - Märjelen - Panorama Trail - Fiescheralp

Published/updated on 17.10.2019 by GabrielleMerk | 27359 points
 | Date of Tour: 12.10.2019 

This stunning panorama hike to the largest glacier in the Alps, the Aletsch Glacier, demands more condition than the more popular trail walked by most other hikers, but is not really very difficult. For those who have already done the hike that usually starts at Bettmerhorn and returns via the tunnel at the Gletscherstube restaurant, this alternative offers views of the mighty glacier and the Märjelen Lakes from further up, as well as opening up a new subject: The Fiescher Glacier.

Starting at Fiescheralp instead of Bettmeralp, the excellent trail ascends to the Tälligrat Ridge Northeast of Mount Eggishorn, and then descends on equally good trails to the dammed Lake and the restaurant. Instead of returning via the tunnel, a wonderful trail called the Aletsch Panorama Trail passes near the vertiginous Fieschertal Valley and the likewise magnificent Fiescher Glacier, watched over by Mount Finsteraarhorn, the highest mountain in the Bernese Alps.

Before making the return journey, there are two detour options, each requiring an additional 40 minutes: From the Gletscherstube, the sign points you in the direction of Aletschgletscher = 20 minutes, where you pass the smaller Märjelen lake, and find your way down to the level of the glacier where you can experience this gigantic mass of ice up close. Or you can make your way up to the unmarked trail behind the restaurant, which heads out almost level to a view-point above the glacier, with breathtaking views of Concordia Place (deepest part of the glacier, approx. 900m) and the back side of Mounts Mönch and Jungfrau on the right, and views all the way to the Valais Alps including Mount Matterhorn on the left.

Published/updated on 17.10.2019 by GabrielleMerk (27359 points) | Date of Tour: 12.10.2019

Route Infos

Time Required
5 hours
15 km
760 m
760 m
Max. Altitude
2600 m
Min. Altitude
2140 m
Season Start / Season End
July - October
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Fantastic Panoramas of the Valais and Bernese Alps // Greater Aletsch Glacier, largest glacier in the Alps. // Mount Finsteraarhorn above the Fiesch Glacier is the highest peak in the Bernese Alps. // The fairly new Aspi-Titter Suspension Bridge across the Fiescher Valley (look for it) connects the hiking regions of upper and lower Goms. // This entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Starting Point
Fiescheralp Summit Station
Starting Point with Public Transport
Fiescheralp Summit Station
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Fiescheralp, Gletscherstube at Märjelensee (lake)
Things to Note
Gletscherstube Restaurant open July till mid-October. Can also spend the night here. // Cable car from Fiesch to Fiescheralp is gratis for holders of GA // Starting Dec.7, 2019, there will be a new Train Station in Fiesch, accessing the new gondola cableway directly instead of currently having to walk to the old cabin cableway on the other side of the village. // As on the photos, there can be ice on the trails on the shady side of the hills if it has snowed in October.

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You should definitely make the detour down to the glacier edge. It is very impressive...

Rating: 6/6

Hiked on 25.08.2010 by Roru

You should definitely make the detour down to the glacier edge. It is very impressive to stand in front of the high ice wall of the glacier, although in recent years the surface has reached almost to ground level.

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Tours in the Vicinity 

2.0 km from Starting Point

Aletsch Glacier UNESCO Ridge Trail (Bettmerhorn)

⏱️ 3 hours 45 minutes  / ↔ 4 km / ↑ 463 m / ↓ 570 m / ⛰ 2916 m / ☀️ 5/5 / 😀 5/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 03.12.2015 by GabrielleMerk

For the sure-footed hiker who isn’t afraid of heights and loves a challenge, this is an unforgettable “Best-of-the-Best” hike!

The 3-hour (alternatively 3.45... more >>

Tour Ratings 2
Tour Ratings 2
Favourite Entries 6
Favourite Entries 6
4.5 km from Starting Point

The New Aspi-Titter Suspension Bridge near Bellwald

⏱️ 3 hours 30 minutes  / ↔ 9 km / ↑ 330 m / ↓ 780 m / ⛰ 1880 m / ☀️ 3/5 / 😀 4/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 21.11.2017 by GabrielleMerk

This tour starts in the pretty and typical Valais vacation village of Bellwald (accessed by cable car), which is worth a look before starting out on the hike.

... more >>

Tour Ratings 0
Tour Ratings 0
Favourite Entries 8
Favourite Entries 8
10.9 km from Starting Point

Massa Gorge from Blatten b. Naters to Ried-Mörel

⏱️ 2 hours 30 minutes  / ↔ 8 km / ↑ 190 m / ↓ 317 m / ⛰ 1451 m / ☀️ 4/5 / 😀 4/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 01.12.2015 by GabrielleMerk

This popular hiking trail from the typical Valais mountain village of Blatten into the Massa Gorge at the foot of the Aletsch Glacier in Canton Valais is also suitable for... more >>

Tour Ratings 1
Tour Ratings 1
Favourite Entries 2
Favourite Entries 2