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From Isone to Tesserete across Gola di Lago

Isone - Condra - Bigorio - Tesserete

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Isone - Condra - Bigorio - Tesserete

Published/updated on 30.11.2015 by GabrielleMerk | 25790 points
 | Date of Tour: 25.11.2015 | Favourite Entries (2) 

Isone is the last stop on the Post Bus route into the Isone Valley, and this rugged terrain is best known as the training ground for Switzerland’s military division of mountain infantrymen. The deep valleys and steep wooded mountainsides also ensure an interesting and diverse terrain for hiking. The hike from Isone to Tesserete across the Gola di Lago starts just below the Church of San Lorenzo in Isone, and requires about 250m of uphill climbing through chestnut forests before reaching a fairly level trail for the next approx. 6 km. Along the way to the high moor of Gola di Lago (also a shooting range for the military) we get superb views of Monte Tamaro and the whole Isone Valley, and we pass through some pretty grove birches, almost lovelier in profile in their late autumn nakedness.

At Alpe S.ta Maria to the West of Gola di Lago is a forked path, and both paths rejoin about one kilometer later. The lower, or easternmost path winds past lovely stone homes and affords great views of the scattered homesteads along the flanks of Monte Bar / Caval Drossa. The descent to Tesserete takes you through the lovely hamlet of Condra on a sunny alp, then past the Santa Maria monastery with its pilgrim walk down to the village of Bigorio, whose narrow lanes and alleyways are worth a visit before the last descent to Tesserete.

Published/updated on 30.11.2015 by GabrielleMerk (25790 points) | Date of Tour: 25.11.2015

Route Infos

Time Required
4 hours
11 km
495 m
739 m
Max. Altitude
1051 m
Min. Altitude
515 m
Season Start / Season End
April - November
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Churches in Isone and Tesserete, Bigorio Village center, Monastery of Santa Maria near Bigorio
Starting Point
Trail starts just South of the Church
Starting Point with Public Transport
Bus Terminal Tesserete
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Isone, Bigorio, Tesserete
Things to Note
Caution is required on the first portion of this tour when done in late autumn, as the leaves are thick on the trail and the many roots and stones are not visible.

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Tour Ratings 1
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Favourite Entries 2
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Tour Ratings 0
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Favourite Entries 2
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Tour Ratings 1
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Favourite Entries 8
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Published/updated on 03.05.2019 by GabrielleMerk

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Tour Ratings 1
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Favourite Entries 1