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From Immensee to Weggis on the Rigi Lehnenweg
2 hours 45 minutes / 10 km

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Hiking in the Stunning and Lesser-Known Val Malvaglia

Dagro - Anzano - Dandrio - Madra - Bacino di Val Malvaglia - Pontei di Fuori - Malvaglia

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Dagro - Anzano - Dandrio - Madra - Bacino di Val Malvaglia - Pontei di Fuori - Malvaglia

Published/updated on 22.04.2019 by GabrielleMerk | 27352 points
 | Date of Tour: 09.05.2017 | Favourite Entries (1) 
Top-Wanderungen der Schweiz

This wonderful hike in the lesser-known Val Malvaglia is best suited for people without knee problems, as the hike out of the valley requires much downhill, sometimes steep, although, as is mostly the case in Canton Ticino, on trails laid out with stone steps.

Dagro, one of five villages of Malvaglia, dates back to the year 1200 and considers itself one of the oldest villages in Switzerland. The recently re-opened gondola cable-way allows quick access to this quaint village located on a sunny terrace above the Blenio valley. The location offers magnificent panorama views both up and down the Blenio Valley as well as onto the peaks of the Malvaglia Valley. The town itself is picturesque, with closely clustered barns and homes in both wood and stone, rendering a lovely peaceful atmosphere to the area.

The walk to Dandrio in the back of the valley is easy and pleasant as it is all on an even road. Along the way there are a couple of villages to visit, but of particular interest is a detour with a slight ascent on an unofficial trail to a small hamlet called Garmagnünach or Germanionico, an ancient village of 17 wooden houses glued like a postage stamp to the hillside, a village of national importance as here one can get real close to how the farmers once eked out their living with potatoes and rye, sheep and goats... the homes are falling apart but have recently received a restoration promise, to preserve this history for future generations.

Dandrio is pretty and quaint and boasts a wonderful hotel/restaurant with historical flair and stunning backdrop. No less delightful are the villages of Anzano (on the way to Dandrio) and Madra, from where the trail now heads out of the valley, first past the dammed Lake Malvaglia and then with lots of variety to the mouth of the valley from which is a steep descent back down to the town of Malvaglia.

For more information about the valley, see the brochure in the attached links.

Published/updated on 22.04.2019 by GabrielleMerk (27352 points) | Date of Tour: 09.05.2017

Route Infos

Time Required
4 hours 45 minutes
18 km
218 m
1272 m
Max. Altitude
1485 m
Min. Altitude
362 m
Season Start / Season End
May - November
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Malvaglia Dam // All the old villages in this valley // Germanionico
Starting Point
Starting Point with Public Transport
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Dagro, Dandrio
Things to Note
Rated T2 because of the descent to Malvaglia. The road to Dandrio and to the dam would be rated T1. // For an easier variation, can walk back to the cable car // This valley can be reached by car as well, all the way to Dandrio, but a 5 SFr. toll is required // The restaurant in Dagro (Sass Malt) is open 3rd of April to 5th of January, closed Mondays and Tuesdays (evenings with reservation only) // As of November 2017, renovations have started in Germanionico so expect construction there.

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