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From Gitschenen near Isenthal to the Engelberg Valley
3 hours 45 minutes / 9 km

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Carona to Morcote across the San Salvatore Ridge

Carona - Alpe Vicania - Vico Morcote - Morcote

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Carona - Alpe Vicania - Vico Morcote - Morcote

Published/updated on 10.05.2016 by GabrielleMerk | 26719 points
 | Date of Tour: 23.02.2014 | Favourite Entries (5) 

Stage 18 of the Via Gottardo Trail #7 starts in Lugano and goes right over Monte San Salvatore to the charming lakeside village of Morcote.

For those who don’t want to walk this stretch all in one piece, we found a shorter... read more >>

Stage 18 of the Via Gottardo Trail #7 starts in Lugano and goes right over Monte San Salvatore to the charming lakeside village of Morcote.

For those who don’t want to walk this stretch all in one piece, we found a shorter variation that starts in the village of Carona on top of the mountain, which can be accessed by bus from Lugano-Paradiso.

The town of Carona is worth a visit on its own; especially fascinating is the entry arch to the village, which offers just centimeters to spare for the bus to pass through! There are 6 churches in this village alone, and the community has created the “path of 6 churches” for those interested in this architecture. One of these churches, the Pilgrim Church of Santa Maria d’Ongero, is a masterpiece of baroque artwork, and is located in the middle of the forest about 700m along the trail from Carona. [To view the artwork inside, the key has to be requested ahead from Sophia Schmidt (Tel. 091 649 72 38)]

Most of the 3.5-km hike to the Alpe Vicania, a large clearing near the top of the mountain just above Morcote is through chestnut and birch forests, with the odd glimpse of the lake to the West. The clearing is a favourite get-away for the locals, mainly because you can get up to just within 100m by car. There is a renovated family-run restaurant of the same name.

From here the hike is a pretty steep downhill one, although the stunning views of Lake Lugano and the lovely Ticinese villages of Vico Morcote and Morcote with its renaissance-baroque church Santa Maria del Sasso make the descent worth it.

Published/updated on 10.05.2016 by GabrielleMerk (26719 points) | Date of Tour: 23.02.2014

Route Infos

Time Required
2 hours 30 minutes
7 km
210 m
535 m
Max. Altitude
737 m
Min. Altitude
271 m
Season Start / Season End
February - November
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Santa Maria d'Ongero, Vico Morcote, Morcote Monastery Church
Starting Point
Starting Point with Public Transport
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Carona, Alpe Vicania, Morcote

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In Carona kann man wählen zwischen dem Weitwanderweg 7 oder 2. Beide führen ohne grosse...

Rating: 5/6

Hiked on 09.08.2017 by steinerpulimeno

In Carona kann man wählen zwischen dem Weitwanderweg 7 oder 2. Beide führen ohne grosse Anstrengungen zur Alpe Vicania. Der direkte Abstieg (nicht über Vico Morcote) nach Morcote geht etwas in die Beine, man wird aber mit wunderbaren Ausblicken auf Morcote und den Lago Maggiore belohnt. Eine empfehlenswerte Kurzwanderung für jung und alt zu jeder Jahreszeit.

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Tours in the Vicinity 

3.7 km from Starting Point

World Heritage Site Monte San Giorgio

⏱️ 4 hours 15 minutes  / ↔ 14 km / ↑ 607 m / ↓ 551 m / ⛰ 686 m / ☀️ 2/5 / 😀 2/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 25.04.2017 by GabrielleMerk

Monte San Giorgio, a small wooded mountain in the very South of Switzerland on the border to Italy, is nicknamed "Fossil Mountain" because of the fossils dating back... more >>

Tour Ratings 0
Tour Ratings 0
Favourite Entries 2
Favourite Entries 2
4.0 km from Starting Point

Easy Mountain Hike on Lake Lugano

⏱️ 3 hours  / ↔ 9 km / ↑ 343 m / ↓ 652 m / ⛰ 747 m / ☀️ 3/5 / 😀 2/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 16.09.2019 by GabrielleMerk

This mountain hike on the East shore of Lake Lugano starting in Arogno and ending at the Customs Museum at the Italian Border is a good option for vacationers in the area to do... more >>

Tour Ratings 0
Tour Ratings 0
7.5 km from Starting Point

The Olive Trail from Gandria to Castagnola (Lugano)

⏱️ 1 hour 15 minutes  / ↔ 3 km / ↑ 161 m / ↓ 181 m / ⛰ 340 m / ☀️ 3/5 / 😀 4/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 23.03.2018 by GabrielleMerk

Did you know that green, pink and black olives are not three different types of olives, but three degrees of ripeness of the same olive?

Or did you know that in... more >>

Tour Ratings 1
Tour Ratings 1
Favourite Entries 4
Favourite Entries 4
10.3 km from Starting Point

The Chestnut Trail (Upper Malcantone)

⏱️ 3 hours 30 minutes  / ↔ 11 km / ↑ 465 m / ↓ 465 m / ⛰ 899 m / ☀️ 3/5 / 😀 2/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 21.12.2015 by GabrielleMerk

This 3.5-hour educational tour through the chestnut groves of the Ticino would probably be prettier in the summer or autumn when the trees have leaves or the chestnuts are... more >>

Tour Ratings 0
Tour Ratings 0
10.4 km from Starting Point

Millions of Years of History in the Breggia Gorge

⏱️ 2 hours 30 minutes  / ↔ 8 km / ↑ 255 m / ↓ 314 m / ⛰ 450 m / ☀️ 2/5 / 😀 3/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 23.04.2016 by GabrielleMerk

This tour to Switzerland’s first geopark and one of the most important geotopes in Switzerland starts with a walk through the vineyards of the Ticino, along the Wine Trail with... more >>

Tour Ratings 1
Tour Ratings 1
Favourite Entries 3
Favourite Entries 3