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Restored Irrigation Channel: Bisse du Torrent Neuf
3 hours / 12 km

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Hike along the Rhine river from Mumpf to Rheinfelden

Mumpf - Wallbach - Rheinfelden

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Mumpf - Wallbach - Rheinfelden

Published/updated on 16.05.2019 by fomitopsis | 2072 points
 | Date of Tour: 16.10.2016 | Favourite Entries (1) 

Nice flat hike along the Rhine river from Mumpf to Rheinfelden, part of the regional route 60 Via Rhenana. Since it is mainly in the forest this hike is ideal in summer as there is a lot of shadow. Calm and nature can be enjoyed as the path is away from the roads, and there are several roman remains along the way. Last but not least the hike ends in the nice old town of Rheinfelden.

Published/updated on 16.05.2019 by fomitopsis (2072 points) | Date of Tour: 16.10.2016

Route Infos

North-West Switzerland
Time Required
4 hours 15 minutes
17 km
188 m
220 m
Max. Altitude
313 m
Min. Altitude
264 m
Season Start / Season End
April - October
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
5 roman remains, old town of Rheinfelden
Starting Point
Railway station Mumpf
Starting Point with Public Transport
Railway station Rheinfelden
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Mumpf, Wallbach, Rheinfelden

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5.8 km from Starting Point

Hike from Buus to Magden

2 hours 20 minutes  / ↔ 9 km / ↑ 182 m / ↓ 280 m / ⛰ 341 m / ☀️ 3/5 / 😀 3/5

Published/updated on 19.05.2019 by fomitopsis

This hike is nice the whole year, but especially beautiful in spring when the cherry tress are blossoming or in fall when the leaves are turning red. The path goes through Buus,... more >>

Tour Ratings 0
Tour Ratings 0
11.4 km from Starting Point

Along the Rhine to Europe's Longest Covered Wooden Bridge

3 hours  / ↔ 12 km / ↑ 109 m / ↓ 114 m / ⛰ 318 m / ☀️ 3/5 / 😀 3/5

Published/updated on 17.02.2016 by GabrielleMerk

The ViaRhenana trail is one of Switzerland’s regional trails, a total of 190 km from Kreuzlingen to Basel along the Rhine River where it demarcates the German-Swiss border. The... more >>

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Tour Ratings 0
Favourite Entries 2
Favourite Entries 2