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Hike to the Source of the Rhine River: Lake Tomasee
4 hours / 11 km

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Hike into the Ofenloch, Grand Canyon of Eastern Switzerland

Schwägalp Passhöhe - Chräzerenpass - Horn - Neuwald - Ofenloch - Ellbogen - Seeben - Rietbad

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Schwägalp Passhöhe - Chräzerenpass - Horn - Neuwald - Ofenloch - Ellbogen - Seeben - Rietbad

Published/updated on 22.06.2019 by GabrielleMerk | 24365 points
 | Date of Tour: 27.05.2018 

This tour which starts at the Schwägalp Pass at the foot of the mighty Mount Säntis takes you into Eastern Switzerland's "Grand Canyon", the Ofenloch. Walking along pleasant meadow and forest trails through a lovely moor landscape, it is an easy hike to and into the stunning gorge.

Along the way you also get a few nice views of the surrounding mountains. A particular highlight is passing under the waterfall before reaching the actual "Ofenloch" which looks like a large pizza oven.

This tour ends at Rietbad on the Luteren River, but there is an earlier option to catch a bus at Seeben, or other options to hike further along the Neckertaler Höhenweg.

NOTE: This is protected nature reserve and dogs MUST BE kept on leash.

Published/updated on 22.06.2019 by GabrielleMerk (24365 points) | Date of Tour: 27.05.2018

Route Infos

Eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Time Required
3 hours 30 minutes
10 km
395 m
750 m
Max. Altitude
1320 m
Min. Altitude
920 m
Season Start / Season End
June - October
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
The entire gorge. The first part is almost more interesting than the actual part featuring the Ofenloch (= Oven Hole). NOTE: the trail through the Ofenloch does not actually access the very bottom of the gorge. There might be a way to access this from the North along the Necker River, but unknown to this author.
Starting Point
Schwägalp Pass
Starting Point with Public Transport
Rietbad in the Luteren Valley
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Schwägalp Pass
Things to Note
This is a Nature Reserve and dogs MUST BE ON LEASH at all times. // Check the bus schedule carefully for the return bus. It runs only once per hour and skips some hours.

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