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Winter Walk on the Melchsee-Frutt Plateau
3 hours / 9 km

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The Urschener High Ridge Trail (to Hospental or Andermatt)

Tiefenbach - Lutersee - Rossmettlen - Hospental (or Andermatt)

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Tiefenbach - Lutersee - Rossmettlen - Hospental (or Andermatt)

Published/updated on 20.01.2016 by GabrielleMerk | 27362 points
 | Date of Tour: 28.09.2014 | Favourite Entries (2) 
Top-Wanderungen der Schweiz

This day hike along the craggy South flanks high above the Urseren Valley offers panoramic views along the entire route, from Andermatt and Hospental in the East to Realp and the Furka Pass Road in the West. Most of this enjoyable... read more >>

This day hike along the craggy South flanks high above the Urseren Valley offers panoramic views along the entire route, from Andermatt and Hospental in the East to Realp and the Furka Pass Road in the West. Most of this enjoyable route is fairly level and can easily be done with children. Along the way you pass (or cross) several streams, a highland moor, and a couple of small lakes as you follow the trail through the bracken and rock-strewn landscape.

We recommend starting this hike at the hotel in Tiefenbach, which is a stop along the Post Bus route from Realp to the Furka Pass. Hiking up to the trail from Realp in the valley bottom is shorter kilometre-wise, but steeper, so you save some effort for the long trail ahead.

(From the hill just above the hotel, if you look to the West you can see the historic Furka Steam Railway line in the valley bottom. Opened in 1925, it was shut down again in 1981 when the Furka Base Tunnel was built. It took 25 years to renovate this second highest rail crossing in Europe, which is now a private operation running nostalgic steam trains between Realp and Oberwald in the Goms Valley in the summer months.)

The most direct route from Tiefenbach to Hospental takes 5 hours, and if you prefer to walk to Andermatt, there is a fork in the path shortly before descending to the valley bottom, from which it will take about 30 minutes longer to Andermatt (total 5.5 hours).

The 600m descent from the Rossmettlen trail marker to Hospental is not difficult, although the first 300m are pretty steep and might be a bit hard on the knees.

**Note: The Furkapass Post Bus runs only from the last week of June to middle of October.

Published/updated on 20.01.2016 by GabrielleMerk (27362 points) | Date of Tour: 28.09.2014

Route Infos

Central Switzerland
Time Required
5 hours
14 km
337 m
1013 m
Max. Altitude
2308 m
Min. Altitude
1452 m
Season Start / Season End
June - October
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Trübsee and Lutersee (Lakes), Historic Furka railway line.
Starting Point
Tiefenbach Hotel
Starting Point with Public Transport
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Tiefenbach, Hospental
Things to Note
The Furkapass Bus from Andermatt runs only from the 25th of June till the 16th of October. (2016)

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Walk around Lake Göscheneralpsee

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Tour Ratings 2
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Favourite Entries 7
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Tour Ratings 1
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Favourite Entries 6
10.2 km from Starting Point

Two-Day Hike to the Unteraar Glacier

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Published/updated on 22.07.2019 by GabrielleMerk

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Tour Ratings 1