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High Trail Hike from Marbacheregg to Kemmeriboden-Bad

Marbachegg - Ober Habchegg - Kemmeriboden-Bad

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Marbachegg - Ober Habchegg - Kemmeriboden-Bad

Published/updated on 06.05.2016 by GabrielleMerk | 27379 points
 | Date of Tour: 25.10.2015 | Favourite Entries (1) 

The High Trail from Marbachegg to Kemmeriboden-Bad is a panorama feast with views across the Emmental and glimpses of the summits of the Bernese Alps to the South. Most of the hike takes place along the base of the very distinctive... read more >>

The High Trail from Marbachegg to Kemmeriboden-Bad is a panorama feast with views across the Emmental and glimpses of the summits of the Bernese Alps to the South. Most of the hike takes place along the base of the very distinctive Schrattenfluh Range with its jagged summit and myriads of vertical clefts, while ahead rises the North Side of the equally distinctive Hohgant Range.

The hike begins at the summit station of the Marbachegg Cable Car and heads eastward along mostly paved walkways to a high plateau, always with the Schrattenfluh Range in one’s sights. Then past individual farmyards, fields and sections of forest, you reach the farm called “Ober Habchegg” from where a fairly steep descent takes you to Kemmeriboden-Bad.

The Hotel at Kemmeriboden-Bad is well-known since generations for its Meringue Dessert and even though it is a popular Sunday destination, it is definitely worth stopping to taste the dessert, or otherwise to enjoy the large patio area. The hotel also has a shop where you can buy local cheeses and other handmade items. And for something different, they also offer a “Sleeping in the Straw” experience.

Another attraction on the route are the carts in Marbachegg. For cart enthusiasts it might be worth taking a ride down for 5 Francs.

Published/updated on 06.05.2016 by GabrielleMerk (27379 points) | Date of Tour: 25.10.2015

Route Infos

Central Switzerland
Time Required
2 hours 30 minutes
8 km
182 m
673 m
Max. Altitude
1466 m
Min. Altitude
974 m
Season Start / Season End
May - October
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Marbachegg Carts, Kemmeriboden Hotel
Starting Point
Marbachegg Summit Station
Starting Point with Public Transport
Bus Stop Kemmeriboden
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Marbachegg, Kemmeriboden
Things to Note
The cable car from Marbach to Marbachegg is closed from last week in March to first week in May, and last week in October to mid-December. Check the SBB schedules.

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Tour Ratings 1
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Favourite Entries 4
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Tour Ratings 2
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Tour Ratings 0
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Published/updated on 17.03.2017 by GabrielleMerk

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Tour Ratings 0
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Favourite Entries 2