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Panoramic hike from Sursee to Sempach
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Hike along the Ybriger 7-Egg Weg
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Hike to the Source of the Rhine River: Lake Tomasee
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Roundtour from Lungern to the Brünig Pass and Back

Lungern - Obersee - Schäri - Brünig Pass - Lungern

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Lungern - Obersee - Schäri - Brünig Pass - Lungern

Published/updated on 15.06.2016 by GabrielleMerk | 24566 points
 | Date of Tour: 22.08.2013 | Favourite Entries (6) 

It is hard to believe that there is such an interesting hiking option so close to a popular and well-traveled pass road! And yet you are immersed in the peaceful countryside for most of the journey.

This round tour near the base of Mount Wilerhorn has so much variety that it’s a real pleasure to do: Alpine meadows, forest trails, old mule tracks, an idyllic little high moor alley overgrown with ferns and lined with moss-covered walls, views of the Bernese Alps and Lake Lungern, and several picnic spots along the way. The entire area has important botanical value as well (lots of medicinal herbs grow here).

The final approach to the Brünig Pass road is a short section of steep gravel road which can prove to be slippery. Also, at some places the trail is not well marked (it helps to use a GPS locator with the map) but other than this the tour is not difficult.

On the way back from the Brünig Pass the trail follows the busy road for a small stretch before heading back through the forests and meadows along the railway track. Before heading down the paved road back to the train station in Lungern, you pass the little mountain chapel (built in 1760) on the hill where there is also a playground and a little restaurant. At this location you get a very nice view of Lake Lungern and the Lungern Valley.

Interesting note: The original church in Lungern was swept away by a flood in 1887 and only the original 14th century tower still stands at the North end of the village. The new and prominent neo-gothic church built in 1891-1893 stands on a hill in order to prevent a similar disaster. This church has similarities to the Mother-of-God church in Lourdes.

Published/updated on 15.06.2016 by GabrielleMerk (24566 points) | Date of Tour: 22.08.2013

Route Infos

Central Switzerland
Time Required
4 hours 15 minutes
14 km
630 m
630 m
Max. Altitude
1234 m
Min. Altitude
693 m
Season Start / Season End
May - October
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Starting Point
Lungern Train Station
Starting Point with Public Transport
Lungern Train Station
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Lungern, Brünig Pass, Burgkapelle
Things to Note
At some places the trail is not well marked. Best to use the GPS map attached.

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Sehr schöne Tour, wunderschöne Landschaften. Weg vielfach sehr steil hinauf und...

Rating: 5/6

Hiked on 16.06.2018 by bootbiker

Sehr schöne Tour, wunderschöne Landschaften. Weg vielfach sehr steil hinauf und hinunter. Die Alp Schäri wird offiziell heute durch eine leicht abgeänderte Route erreicht. Auf dem Anstieg wenig Rastmöglichkeiten - allerdings immerhin ein schöner offener Unterstand/Hütte mit Grill und genügend Holzvorrat.

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Schöne abwechslungsreiche , zugleich auch eine sehr harte Tour mit sehr steilen...

Rating: 5/6

Hiked on 16.06.2018 by roke70

Schöne abwechslungsreiche , zugleich auch eine sehr harte Tour mit sehr steilen Abschnitten, vorallem herunter zum Brünig ab der Alp Schäri . Bis hoch zum Brünig hat es wenige Sitzgelegenheiten ab dem Brünig Talwärts dem Gleis entlang umso mehr. Grandiose Ausblicke , doch wer Mühe hat Bergabzulaufen sollte auf diese Tour verzichten

Eine meiner Liebslingstouren, habe sie schon zwei Mal gemacht. Viel Abwechslung, kaum...

Rating: 6/6

Hiked on 26.06.2014 by GabrielleMerk

Eine meiner Liebslingstouren, habe sie schon zwei Mal gemacht. Viel Abwechslung, kaum andere Wanderer, viel durch den Wald (üppig und schattig) aber ab und zu tolle Panoramablicke.

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Tours in the Vicinity 

3.2 km from Starting Point

Easy Walk along Lungern Lake

⏱️ 1 hour 45 minutes  / ↔ 6 km / ↑ 150 m / ↓ 100 m / ⛰ 750 m / ☀️ 4/5 / 😀 3/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 01.05.2016 by GabrielleMerk

This is a very easy walk along the West Side of Lungern Lake, a very pretty lake at any time of the year. It is a turquoise jewel embedded in pastoral green hills with a... more >>

Tour Ratings 1
Tour Ratings 1
Favourite Entries 6
Favourite Entries 6
9.1 km from Starting Point

Hike from Mount Brienzer Rothorn to Glaubenbielen Pass

⏱️ 4 hours 45 minutes  / ↔ 13 km / ↑ 400 m / ↓ 1090 m / ⛰ 2350 m / ☀️ 5/5 / 😀 5/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 11.08.2019 by GabrielleMerk

This absolutely stunning hike from Mount Brienzer Rothorn to the Glaubenbielen Pass is an equally breathtaking alternative to the very popular "Brienzer Rothorn to Brünig... more >>

Tour Ratings 0
Tour Ratings 0
10.6 km from Starting Point

Sörenberg to Kemmeriboden Bad on the Trans Swiss Trail

⏱️ 3 hours 15 minutes  / ↔ 11 km / ↑ 361 m / ↓ 540 m / ⛰ 1447 m / ☀️ 3/5 / 😀 4/5  (Legend)

Published/updated on 30.05.2017 by GabrielleMerk

Stage 15 of the National Route No.2 "Trans Swiss Trail" starts in Schangnau and ends in Sörenberg, through the stunning Entlebuch landscape of Canton Lucerne.
... more >>

Tour Ratings 2
Tour Ratings 2
Favourite Entries 5
Favourite Entries 5