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Panoramic hike from Sursee to Sempach
This easy hike from Sursee to Sempach is a part of the Via Gottardo and offers a wonderful sight on the lake of Sempach and the Alps ... >>

Hike along the Ybriger 7-Egg Weg
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Hike along the chemin de la Grande Cariçaie
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Hike to the Source of the Rhine River: Lake Tomasee
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Hiking from Emmetten to Treib via Grüeblital Gorge

Emmetten (Sagendorf) - Grüeblital - Hazelholz - Steckenmatt - Volligen - Treib

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Emmetten (Sagendorf) - Grüeblital - Hazelholz - Steckenmatt - Volligen - Treib

Published/updated on 15.03.2019 by GabrielleMerk | 24568 points
 | Date of Tour: 19.05.2018 | Favourite Entries (2) 

This hike in the lovely Central Switzerland landscape on the southern shore of Lake Lucerne offers a large variety of landscapes and cultural treasures to discover, and best of all, it's a local secret and not well-traveled!

The adventure starts with a visit to one of the most significant collections of votive paintings in Canton Nidwalden, the 1700-built Holy-Cross Chapel with its 5-meter large wooden painted tableau depicting a "Dance of Death". Then comes the main attraction, a descent almost to lake level in the narrow Grüeblital Gorge, along well-maintained trails with steps and handrails, crossing several waterfalls on short bridges.

Heading East out of the Gorge along both the St.James Trail No.4 and the Trans Swiss Trail No.2, you pass through serene forests (possibly spotting some chamois), along cliffs, through soft meadows with picturesque wooden barns and grazing cows, all the while looking up and down Lake Lucerne.

A historical site of note at Buechholz is what was considered (until 2016) the oldest wooden house in Canton Uri, built in 1340. After the opening of the Gotthard railway line in 1882, there was talk of building a railway line on this side of the lake, connecting Lucerne to Altdorf via Mount Seelisberg. The owner of the house built a "juicing plant" here as well, in the hopes of processing the abundant fruit from this area and sending it via the railway, which never did get built.

Near the end of the hike at Schwybogen is a lakeside restaurant specializing in fish dishes, a location accessible only by boat or on foot. To access the restaurant from the trail is a 40-minute detour (130m descent).

At the end of the hike, i.e. the dock at Treib, there is an option to either take a boat ride to Lucerne or Brunnen, or to go back up to Seelisberg with the funicular and catch a bus back to Emmetten.

Published/updated on 15.03.2019 by GabrielleMerk (24568 points) | Date of Tour: 19.05.2018

Route Infos

Central Switzerland
Time Required
3 hours
8 km
426 m
715 m
Max. Altitude
750 m
Min. Altitude
436 m
Season Start / Season End
April - November
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
1. Heilig-Kreuz Chapel Emmetten with its 5-meter large wooden painted tableau originating approx. 1700 and depicting a "Dance of Death". 2. All the lovely waterfalls in the Grüeblital Gorge. 3. The juice plant built in the hopes of delivering juice and cider via the railway line from Luzern via Seelisberg to Altdorf (railway line not built). 4. The 1340-built family home which until 2016 had been dated to be the oldest wooden house in Canton Uri.
Starting Point
Starting Point with Public Transport
Treib or Seelisberg
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Treib, Seelisberg, Schwybogen, Volligen
Things to Note
The trail into the gorge is very well laid-out with lots of steps and handrails, but in early Spring and after rainfall it can be slippery, so have to step carefully. Also, the bridge across the gorge near the chapel holds max. 10 people at a time and one should cross quickly (no jumping or swinging).

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Tour Ratings 0
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Favourite Entries 7
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One of the Rarest Flowers in the World on Mount Rossberg

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