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From the Reuss Valley into the Maderaner Valley

Chilcherbergen - Eisten - Seewen - (Golzeren See) - Golzeren Luftseilbahn

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From the Reuss Valley into the Maderaner Valley

Chilcherbergen - Eisten - Seewen - (Golzeren See) - Golzeren Luftseilbahn

Published/updated on 29.11.2018 by GabrielleMerk | 15524 points
 | Date of Tour: 02.08.2017 

This is a lovely hike with lots of variety, even though a large part is through the forest, so ideal on a day when it is warm,... read more >>

This is a lovely hike with lots of variety, even though a large part is through the forest, so ideal on a day when it is warm, especially if you start early. The trail is less known and therefore won't be well-traveled, but you get some breathtaking views into both the Reuss Valley and the wonderful Maderaner Valley. The excursion starts with an exciting ride in an open cargo cableway, one of many privately-owned farmers' cableways in Canton Uri. Other highlights include a suspension bridge, a short cliff walk (secured by cable handrails), purchasing lovely mountain quartz crystals (locally "harvested"), and a dip in the Golzernsee Lake before returning by cable car to the village of Bristen. Also recommended is a lunch of delectable Rösti in one of the two rustic restaurants in the hamlet of Seewen near the lake.

Generally-speaking it is not a difficult hike except for a short steep uphill stretch on a narrow trail about 30 minutes from the Chilcherbergen cable-car station. To note though: Lake Golzernsee is popular and many people ascend and return via the Bristen-Golzern Cable car on sunny summer days, so expect more traffic there.

The Private Cable Cars: When hiking in Canton Uri one must at some point experience a ride on one of the many original cargo cableways privately owned by mountain farmers! These rustic cable cars vary in style but all offer a unique travel experience. These cables cars were originally built for private use by the farmers who harvest mountain hay or bring their animals to higher pastures in summer, and to earn more from the use of their cable cars they created an alliance of cable car owners -- as also in Canton Nidwalden -- opening their private cableways to the public. The condition of the cable car is strictly controlled by the Cantons therefore there is nothing to fear using these cableways to access steep hillsides otherwise accessible only on long steep climbs.

Published/updated on 29.11.2018 by GabrielleMerk | 15524 points
 | Date of Tour: 02.08.2017

Route Infos

Central Switzerland
Time Required
3 hours 15 minutes
9 km
590 m
359 m
Max. Altitude
1510 m
Min. Altitude
1155 m
Season Start / Season End
May - October
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Lake Golzerensee // Eisten look-out point (here you are about 1000m directly above the Gotthard Base Tunnel) // Avalanche shelters: Children walk the road from Golzern to the cable car to go to school, and if an avalanche should come, they can take refuge in the avalanche shelters.
Starting Point
Starting Point with Public Transport
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Seewen (Golzern)
Things to Note
To use the privately-owned cable car in Dägerslohn you have to use the attached telephone to call up to the operator to start the ride. Basic use of German is advantageous (max. 3 people can ride at a time and need to be able to tell him "2 Personen Bitte".) // A round-trip ticket to use both cable cars can be purchased for 10 SFr. from the Farmer at the summit station (Chilcherbergen) for descent with the Golzern Cableway (in German " Rundfahrkarte via Golzern") CASH ONLY!!! // The Golzern area is popular and there are sometimes long waiting times to use the Golzern cableway. Even though the ride is only 5 minutes, the cable car is small so give yourself at least 20 minutes for the descent if needing to catch the bus. //

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