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Restored Irrigation Channel: Bisse du Torrent Neuf
3 hours / 12 km

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Hiking on the Aargauer Aussichtsweg

Schlossrued - Hohliebe - Waltersholz - Gontenschwil - Zetzwil - Homberg - Hochwacht - Beinwil a.See

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Schlossrued - Hohliebe - Waltersholz - Gontenschwil - Zetzwil - Homberg - Hochwacht - Beinwil a.See

Published/updated on 24.04.2019 by GabrielleMerk | 22875 points
 | Date of Tour: 20.04.2019 

The Aargauer Aussichtsweg (Translation = Aargau View Trail) can actually be viewed as a 2-in-1 tour: First is the section from Schöftland to Gontenschwil over the upper rolling farmlands between the Suhrental and Wynetal Valleys, and the second part as a climb to the viewing tower on Mount Homberg before the descent to Beinwil am See in the Seetal Valley.

To make it more interesting, the hike should start in Schlossrued, as there is a didactic trail starting at the old mill which was built in 1658 and still fully produces grain products from old-world grains, and going up past the former Schlossrued castle to join the View Trail, all along the way with information placards explaining the history and geology of the area (unfortunately only in German).

At about Waltersholz you start to see the peaks of the Central Swiss Alps (mainly Mount Titlis) and many more such views on the way up to Mount Homberg, culminating in spectacular panoramic views from the look-out tower. Of course, a clear day is desirable!

Note: A major highlight and not to be missed is the thatched-roof house just a few meters off the trail on the ascent to Mount Homberg (near Seedorf). This is the oldest style of house building (ca. mid 1600's) in Canton Aargau and the house is currently under cultural heritage protection.

Published/updated on 24.04.2019 by GabrielleMerk (22875 points) | Date of Tour: 20.04.2019

Route Infos

Central Plateau
Time Required
4 hours 15 minutes
15 km
595 m
572 m
Max. Altitude
787 m
Min. Altitude
497 m
Season Start / Season End
April - November
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Schlossrued Mill // Gasthof zum Storchen in Schlossrued (built 1636 as grain storage) // Glacier Foundling // Hochwacht Tower on Mount Homberg // Thatched-Roof House at Seeberg
Starting Point
Starting Point with Public Transport
Beinwil a. See
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Schlossrued, Homberg (Gasthaus Homberg), Beinwil am See
Things to Note
You can also start at the official starting point Schöftland if desired, see Switzerland Mobility Map. // If you want to split the hike into two sections, there are train stations in Gontenschwil and Zetzwil as well. // Check opening times of Gasthaus zum Storchen on their website.

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Hike through the peatlands from Wauwil to Mauensee

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Published/updated on 20.05.2019 by fomitopsis

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