• Hike&Fly Biel - Grenchenberg - Biel

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe am letzten Freitag die "Höhenwanderung vom Grenchenberg nach Biel" rückwärts gemacht. Danach bin ich vom Gipfel mit dem Gleitschirm zurück nach Biel geflogen. Eine tolle Tour auch für die Hike&Flyer unter euch. Liebe Grüsse Flydelite

  • Jura Höhenweg

    Hallo zäme ich bin seit ein paar Jahren am Jurahöhenweg ;-) da ich immer wieder andere Wanderungen sehe die mir gefallen komme ich nicht weiter , als nächstes habe ich zwar jetzt vor von der Staffelegg zum Hauenstein zu machen, und im August habe ich Ferien da will ich mir mal eine ganze Woche dazu Zeit nehmen, Hat von euch den ganzen Jurahöhenweg Nr 5 gemacht?

  • Hat es eine Beiz am Burgäschisee?

    Hallo zäme. Ich möchte am Weekend eine Wanderung von Herzogenbuchsee zum Burgäschisee machen. Weiss jemand, ob es dort am See eine Beiz hat. Danke im Voraus. Grüsse René

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Laufenburg - Sisseln - (Bad Säckingen) - Stein
3 hours / 12 km

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Panorama Tour from Röthenbach (Emmental) to Linden

Röthenbach i.E. - Würzbrunnen - Chuderhüsi - Linden

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Panorama Tour from Röthenbach (Emmental) to Linden

Röthenbach i.E. - Würzbrunnen - Chuderhüsi - Linden

Published/updated on 17.03.2017 by GabrielleMerk | 12373 points
 | Tour Date: 15.03.2017 | Favourite Entries (1)

This is without a doubt a tour worth undertaking! With the exception of a somewhat steep section on the descent, the rest of the tour can be completed without too much trouble by even the most inexperienced hikers. The trail is varied and interesting, sometimes winding through meadows and sometimes through forests, passing many farms with typical Emmental houses and barns. The uphill portions are gradual and never steep. And always always a fantastic panorama of the Bernese Alps accompanies you on the journey!

Other points of interest include the Würzbrunnen Church which you reach just half an hour into the start of the hike. The origins of this little church date back about 1000 years, a time span which is exceedingly difficult to imagine. There have naturally been many renovations over the years, but the frescoes at the entrance and the beautiful wood-carved interior attest to its age. The location and charm of this church has made it very popular as a wedding chapel.

At about the halfway point of the tour is the fabulous 40-m high Chuderhüsi Tower, built in 1998 for the 850th anniversary of the town of Röthenbach. This beautiful white fir tower burned down in 2001 due to irresponsible use of campfires nearby, and was rebuilt in 2002. The tower's 195 steps are easy to ascend and from the platform you get magnificent 360-deg. views from the Jura Mountains in the West, across the Emmental and then along the Bernese Alps in the East from Mount Brienzer Rothorn to the recognizable peaks of Mt. Schreckhorn, Mt. Finsteraarhorn, the trio of mountains Eiger/Mönch/Jungfrau, Mt. Niesen and Mt. Stockhorn.

Along the way are numerous places to stop for refreshments (although most are closed certain days of the week, so need to do some research or take it as it comes).

Because this trail passes along the sunny flank of the hill, one can expect to have access early in the Spring when the days get warmer, and can start to enjoy the hiking season while the snow still lies at higher elevations.

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Published/updated on 17.03.2017 by GabrielleMerk | 12373 points
 | Tour Date: 15.03.2017 | Favourite Entries (1)

Route Infos

Central Plateau
Time Required
3 hours 15 minutes
11 km
480 m
390 m
Max. Altitude
1188 m
Min. Altitude
824 m
Season Start / Season End
March - November
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Würzbrunnen Chapel, View of the Bernese Alps, Chuderhüsi Look-Out Tower.
Starting Point
Röthenbach in the Emmental
Starting Point with Public Transport
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Röthenbach, Würzbrunnen, Chuderhüsi, Ringgis, Linden
Hotels, Restaurants and Tourist Information
The restaurants along the way have various opening days, so might need to take your chance or research ahead of time.

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