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Oberhofen to Gunten on the Lake Thun Panorama Trail

Oberhofen - Aeschlen - Sigriswil - Gunten

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Oberhofen - Aeschlen - Sigriswil - Gunten

Published/updated on 16.04.2016 by GabrielleMerk | 25790 points
 | Date of Tour: 22.04.2015 | Favourite Entries (7) 

Part of this hike is along Stage 4 of the Lake Thun Panorama Round Trail and it definitely promises Panoramas! To save on some uphill hiking we took the bus to the top of the Town of Oberhofen where the trail comes up from Thun, and headed East toward Sigriswil. This way we always had the Bernese Trio and the pyramid-shaped Mount Niesen in our sights. (Another option would be to start the tour down at the lake in Oberhofen or Hilterfingen and walk up the 150 height meters to join the trail).

The hike is an interesting one as the trail takes you through cool forests, past clusters of vacation chalets typical to this region, pasture-land, and into a couple of gorges which display the geological formations called “Molasse Basin” (Nagelflue) which is loosely packed ocean floor sediment that got pushed up to form the hills, which are relatively easily eroded. We saw evidence of this everywhere as trees perch precariously with roots hanging out, and even a spot where the original trail was damaged from a slide (Detour was marked).

The entire round trail around Lake Thun is approx. 60 km and can be completed in 4 stages. Two spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges were built in 2012, one of which is included in this tour: the suspension bridge over the Gummi gorge near Sigriswil which is the longest (340 metres) and also highest (182 metres) bridge on the entire Panorama Route. It links the villages of Aeschlen and Sigriswil and has become the new school route for children. There is a toll of 8Fr. for non-residents to cross the bridge, but we recommend taking the original longer way to Sigriswil, which descends into the Gorge and back up again, which is definitely worth the hike.

After a quick tour of Sigriswil, you descend back into the Gummi Gorge near the eastern side of the suspension bridge, and walk down and out of the gorge back to the lake to catch the bus in Gunten.

Published/updated on 16.04.2016 by GabrielleMerk (25790 points) | Date of Tour: 22.04.2015

Route Infos

Bernese Oberland
Time Required
2 hours 45 minutes
8 km
417 m
516 m
Max. Altitude
801 m
Min. Altitude
560 m
Season Start / Season End
April - November
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Castle in Oberhofen, Gummi Gorge Suspension Bridge
Starting Point
Starting Point with Public Transport
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Oberhofen, Sigriswil, Gunten
Things to Note
There is an 8 Fr. toll charged to non-residents to cross the Sigriswil Suspension Bridge. At the time of this hike, a piece of the trail near Oberhofen was damaged, detour was marked.

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There are lots of nice views of the Eiger/Mönch/Jungfrau Trio. Because the snow melts...

Rating: 5/6

Hiked on 22.04.2015 by GabrielleMerk

There are lots of nice views of the Eiger/Mönch/Jungfrau Trio. Because the snow melts quickly on this side of the hill, it is a nice hike to do in the spring.

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Published/updated on 17.03.2017 by GabrielleMerk

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