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Winter Walk on the Melchsee-Frutt Plateau
3 hours / 9 km

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Two-Day Hike to the Unteraar Glacier

Grimsel Hospiz - Unteraargletscher - SAC Lauteraarhütte - Grimsel Hospiz

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Grimsel Hospiz - Unteraargletscher - SAC Lauteraarhütte - Grimsel Hospiz

Published/updated on 22.07.2019 by GabrielleMerk | 27362 points
 | Date of Tour: 22.08.2016 

This hike along Lake Grimselsee to the SAC Lauteraarhütte is best done as a two-day trip because of wonderful experience of sunset and sunrise on the glaciers at the foot of the mighty Finsteraarhorn, at 4274m the highest peak in the Bernese Alps.

Lake Grimselsee high in the Bernese Alps is a most spectacular lake with its opaque milky colour, a result of the minerals transported from the Lauteraar and Finsteraar Glaciers to the West. The lake forms part of a series of lakes whose water power is tapped by the Grimsel Hydro Power Plant, providing power for over one million people annually.

The hike along the lake to the glacier tongue (T2) is an easy 2.5 hours and this section alone including a walk on the glacier can be done as a return trip in one day, especially if coming by car. Buses don't run often, but a 2-day hike with overnight in the SAC Hostel Lauteraarhütte is an experience highly recommended. Walking on the glacier tongue is so awe-inspiring, one simply has to take one's time to soak in the full experience..... a glacier that is actually easily accessible to the average hiker....

The hostel, perched at the confluence of the two glaciers, can be reached in another approx. 2 hours from the glacier tongue. The trail from here is considered T3 or Blue/White because the trail on the steep ascent across the jumble of rocks is sometimes hard to find. But for the average practiced hiker this is no problem. Furthermore, after about the first hour of this, the trail continues as a regular alpine trail.

At the Hostel (must be reserved beforehand) you can enjoy a home-cooked meal, the undescribable view of the two glaciers coming together as one, with the sun setting behind the stunning peak of Mount Finsteraarhorn.... and if you are lucky, you might even spot some chamois....

Published/updated on 22.07.2019 by GabrielleMerk (27362 points) | Date of Tour: 22.08.2016

Route Infos

Bernese Oberland
Time Required
2 day
20 km
722 m
290 m
Max. Altitude
2390 m
Min. Altitude
1900 m
Season Start / Season End
July - September
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
Spectacular Grimsel Dam // Grimsel Power Station Museum // Lake Grimselsee // Unteraar Glacier Tongue // Views of the glaciers and peaks from the Hostel // Possible sighting of chamois
Starting Point
Grimsel Hospiz Dam
Starting Point with Public Transport
SAC Lauteraarhütte, then back next day
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
SAC Lauteraarhütte
Things to Note
ATTENTION: Construction is taking place on the dam starting 2019 and the hike must be started at the bus stop "Grimsel, Summerloch". // The chamois up here are used to people and you can often glimpse them nearby // The Hostel has space for 30 people and a reservation is required (0041 33 973 11 10), as well as a silk or cotton sleeping sack which can also be purchased at the hostel for 5 SFr. // Although not obligatory, the hostel prefers you take your dinner there, should also be reserved beforehand.

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Wunderschöne Wanderung, tolles Erlebnis. Auch das T3 Stück nicht sonderlich schwierig....

Rating: 6/6

Hiked on 22.08.2016 by UrnerUrs

Wunderschöne Wanderung, tolles Erlebnis. Auch das T3 Stück nicht sonderlich schwierig. Ein Gemsbock haben wir sehr nahe erlebt. ACHTUNG: Habe gerade erfahren dass dieses Jahr (2019) am Damm gearbeiten wird. Das Hospiz ist geschlossen und der Damm ist unzugänglich. Die Wanderung muss unterhalb vom Damm im Summerloch angefangen werden.

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Published/updated on 15.09.2016 by GabrielleMerk

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Tour Ratings 1
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Tour Ratings 0
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Favourite Entries 1
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Published/updated on 20.01.2016 by GabrielleMerk

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Tour Ratings 0
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Favourite Entries 2
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Published/updated on 28.09.2019 by GabrielleMerk

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Tour Ratings 0