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Hike between two ponds along fir trees
This easy hike brings you from one pond to the other through the wonderful typical Jura landscapes ... >>

Hike along the Birs river from Reinach to Basel
This hike along the Birs river allows to walk through different landscapes on a relatively short trail ... >>

Easy Hike from Schleitheim to Hallau in Blauburgunder Country
This easy hike from Schleitheim to Hallau in the very North of Switzerland near Schaffhausen is actually a section of Regional Trail No.34: The Klettgau-Rhine Trail ... >>

General Terms and Conditions for Purchased Tour Reports

1. Scope of Application

These General Terms and Conditions apply for all Tour Reports published on the website which require purchasing.

2. Definition

Tour Reports that require purchasing are defined as tour reports for which the detailed route information (GPS data, printable route maps, Google maps with uploaded route, route description, printable tour description) is available to users who have paid the one-time fee to access this information, or who have acquired a subscription through participation on this website.

3. Purchase of Individual Tour Descriptions

  • Purchasing individual Tour Reports entitles the purchaser to permanent access to the detailed tour descriptions for the respective tours.
  • Generally-speaking, there are no refunds for purchases of individual Tour Reports. Exceptions will be made where tour descriptions are largely lacking in detail and information. It is the user's responsibility to argue this lack of detail.
  • Individual Tour Reports may have differing purchase prices.

4. Purchasing a Subscription

  • Purchasing a subscription entitles the user to time-limited access to the detailed route descriptions for all Tour Reports that otherwise require payment. Included in this access are all Tour Reports which have been newly uploaded to the website during the extent of the subscription.
  • Subscriptions are not automatically renewed, therefore cancellation of a subscription is not required. After expiration of the subscription, access to Tour Reports that require payment will automatically be blocked. Any individually-purchased Tour Reports remain accessible to the purchaser.
  • Subsequent switching of one subscription to another will only be permitted in exceptional cases to be discussed with the owner of the website.
  • Cancellation of a subscription is only possible in exceptional cases to be discussed with the owner of the website. A transaction fee of 10 Fr. will be charged for early cancellation of a subscription.

5. General Information

  • Tour Reports that require purchasing have been researched and described to the best of the Author's knowledge and abilities. Details of the tours may change during the course of time and updates will be made to the tours as these changes become known. The owner of the Website and the Author of the tour take no responsibility for these changes in information, and the purchaser is not entitled to refund of purchase price in these cases.
  • Undertaking any of these tours is done at the hiker's own risk.
  • All prices as stated do include Value Added Tax.
  • These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

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