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Hike between two ponds along fir trees
This easy hike brings you from one pond to the other through the wonderful typical Jura landscapes ... >>

Hike along the Birs river from Reinach to Basel
This hike along the Birs river allows to walk through different landscapes on a relatively short trail ... >>

Easy Hike from Schleitheim to Hallau in Blauburgunder Country
This easy hike from Schleitheim to Hallau in the very North of Switzerland near Schaffhausen is actually a section of Regional Trail No.34: The Klettgau-Rhine Trail ... >>

Conditions of Participation

1. Definition

At, we offer registered users the opportunity to earn benefits by participation on our website. Points are collected through a variety of activities, leading to various benefits including a share in the earnings of the website.

2. Requirements for Participation

  • All private users who have registered on this website may participate.
  • Participation is free of charge.
  • Anyone can join at any time.
  • There is no deadline for collection of points. All points collected by, for example, the end of the year are carried over to the next year and continue to be accumulated.
  • For each activity, the criteria in Paragraph 3 must be met. If the conditions are not fully met, the respective points will not be awarded.

3. Guidelines for Writing Tour Reports

3.1 General Criteria

  • Authors writing tour reports must comply with the Terms and Conditions and abide by all Copyright Regulations.
  • Authors of the tour reports must have completed the tour themselves, as described.
  • Tour reports must be written in such a way that other hikers can follow the route as described.
  • A minimum of ONE photograph in landscape format must be uploaded with each tour report.
  • The tour report should be written in narrative format, describing the highlights of the tour in full sentences, i.e. not in point format or with incomplete sentences.
  • Personal experiences, first-person format ( "I" or "we"), and references to time-specific conditions are not to be included in the reports.
  • The route details (directions, elevations, etc.) should not be included in the description of the tour (characteristics and highlights) as there is a separate section for this.
  • Required fields must all be filled out correctly.
  • The described tour must be in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
  • The tour report should describe an easy hike (T1), a mountain hike (T2 or T3), a snow-shoe tour or a city tour (no trekking, rock-climbing, backpacking, high alpine tours).

10 points will be awarded for publication of a tour report.

3.2 Tour Descriptions with the "Premium Tour" Quality Label

  • Detailed and comprehensive route information must be included to receive this designation.
  • Navigation instructions should be easy to follow (i.e. following official hiking trails).

An additional 90 points will be awarded for tour reports that earn the "Premium Tour" Quality Label.

3.3 Tour Reports Requiring Payment

  • Tour reports must have earned the "Premium Tour" Quality Label.
  • Fees for individual tour reports will be approx. 2 SFr to 3 SFr, whereby the actual cost will be determined by the Website Administrator.

If the Administrator accepts the tour report as one that requires purchasing, the Author earns an additional 100 points.

4. Guidelines for Publishing Tour Reviews

  • Tour reviews should include useful information for other hikers who are interested in that particular tour.
  • Hikers writing reviews for a tour must have completed the tour themselves (a picture must be included).
  • A tour review consists of a rating (6 to 1), the date the tour was completed, a photo taken during the tour, and a few lines of text describing the experience.
  • Reviews of tours completed any time in the past are encouraged and welcomed.
  • Reviews of an Author's own tours are not accepted.

30 points are awarded for publishing a tour review. Furthermore, the Author of the tour report being reviewed will receive -5 to 20 points.

5. Guidelines for evaluating a review as "helpful" or "not helpful"

  • "Helpful" or "Not Helpful" ratings for a tour review serve to improve tour reviews. (Thumbs-Up for a helpful review, Thumbs-Down for a non-helpful review).
  • Rating one's own reviews is not permitted (not even via a fake account).

3 points are awarded to a User who provides a Helpful / Not-Helpful rating for a review by clicking Thumbs-Up or Thumbs-Down. Furthermore, the Author of the tour review will be awarded 5 points for each "Helpful" rating he receives from other Users. (-5 points awarded for a "Not Helpful" rating).

6. Entries in a Favourites List or a Tour Calendar 

A tour Author is awarded 1 point for each time his tour is flagged into someone's Favourites List.

A tour Author is awarded 1 point when another User adds the tour into his Tour Calendar.

7. Conditions for Monetary Privileges

  • A minimum of 50% of a User's points must be earned from publishing tour reports and/or tour reviews.
  • Users having achieved Levels 3, 4 and 5 at the end of the year will receive a statement listing their credit balance for their participation, which amount will be paid out to the bank account provided.
  • Users who receive financial rewards through participation on the website are not employees of (or It is the participant's responsibility to report the earnings to the tax authorities and AHV.
  • Amounts paid for tours purchased before achieving Level 2 (500 Points) will NOT be refunded once Level 2 has been reached.

8. Rights of Use of Photographs

Participants agree to allow the right to use submitted photographs on's Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter accounts as well as's monthly Newsletter.

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