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Collect points and profit by different benefits

There are many ways to accumulate points. Publishing your own tour descriptions earns you the highest number of points. But if writing such "reports" seems too daunting, you can still accumulate a nice amount of points by writing short helpful reviews of tours that you have followed. In any case, the more points you accumulate, the higher your Level ranking and the more privileges you can enjoy.

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Points for Tour Reports

  • For every tour report you publish on our website, you earn 10 points.
  • If the website administrator awards the quality label "Premium Tour" to the tour report, then you will earn an additional 90 points, for a total of 100 points for each detailed tour report you publish.
  • If the website administrator accepts the report as one that requires purchasing, then an additional 100 points will be awarded.

Points for Tour Reviews

  • For every tour you review (helpful hints for other hikers on tours others have published) you earn 30 points.
  • When other participants publish a review on a tour you have written, you will be awarded -5 to 20 points.

Points for Shared Tours in Facebook

  • 10 points for sharing tour reports to your Facebook page.

Points for Hikepics

  • 10 points for each picture in Hikepics.

Points for evaluating a Review as "helpful" or "not helpful"

  • 3 points for evaluating a review as "helpful" or "not helpful".
  • 5 points when others evaluate your review as helpful, and -5 points if a participant suggests your review was not helpful.

Points for Favorites / Tour Calendar

  • 1 point each time a participant adds one of your tour reports into his Favourites List.
  • 1 point each time a participant adds one of your tour reports into his Tour Calendar.