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    Gemmi Pass - Daubensee - Schwarenbach - Sunnbüel
    2 hours 30 minutes / 10 km

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    And the descent back to Riederalp.

    Winter Walk above the Aletsch Glacier

    2 hours 15 minutes  / ↔ 8 km / ↑ 87 m / ↓ 494 m

    The Aletsch Glacier in Canton Valais, measuring 23 km in length and 900m in depth at its thickest point (Concordia Place, where four glaciers meet), is the largest glacier in... more >>

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    Just above the small reservoir lake near Tgantieni, this is where you pass if you descend on foot.

    Lenzerheide Panorama Trail

    2 hours  / ↔ 7 km / ↑ 175 m / ↓ 363 m

    The Arosa-Lenzerheide ski arena is a large and popular ski region which also offers some nice panorama winter walking trails, especially if you are vacationing in the area and... more >>

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    Beautiful Moiry Lake in the Val d'Annniviers

    Hike Around Lac de Moiry

    3 hours 15 minutes  / ↔ 11 km / ↑ 365 m / ↓ 365 m

    At the very back of the beautiful Anniviers Valley is a dammed lake of such intense turquoise it takes your breath away. The milky colour of the Moiry Lake is a result of... more >>

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