Quality Label "Premium Tour"

The "Premium Tour" quality label is a designation that we have developed to identify tours that have been particulary well-researched. For Tour Reports that have the "Premium Tour" label, you will find all the information you need to successfully complete the hike yourself.


All Tour Reports labelled as "Premium Tours" (with very few exceptions) meet the following criteria:

1) The tour was hiked as described by the Author himself/herself. (Some exceptions are tours listed by some of our tourism partners).

2) All route descriptions required to successfully complete the tour should be available:

  • Route map with plotted trail, for downloading and printing
  • GPS file for the trail
  • Detailed route description
  • Exact starting and ending points including nearest public transportation stops
  • Specification of physical requirements
  • Fairly accurate walking times
  • Fairly accurate height difference (Ascent and descent)
  • Maximum and minimum altitude data
  • Distances and walking times
  • Recommended time of year to do the hike
  • Coordinates for the starting point and destination (Icon on map)

3) The route description should be as simple as possible. If at all possible, the trails should follow the official trails as per theSwiss Hiking Trail Network.

4) Style of text and photos.

  • Reports should be written in composition style (full sentences, not point-form).
  • The reports should reflect the author's enthusiasm, but not written in the first person form, not referring to time-specific conditions or events, and avoiding personal experiences and impressions.
  • Information that helps other hikers form their own experience of the tours is of more value than personal experiences.
  • Photos (at least one photo is required) should describe the tour in picture form (photos of panorama views, photos taken along the route, etc.).

Qualitäts-Label Premium-Tour