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6301 Zug
Hotel Löwen am See, Zug

Wanderregion Zug und Zugerberg. Am Ufer des Zugersees, mitten in der Altstadt von Zug,...

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Letzi (Zug) Barnyard Tour ideal for Children

Brüggli - Letzi - Schochenmühle - Alte Lorze - Chollermühli - Brüggli

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Brüggli - Letzi - Schochenmühle - Alte Lorze - Chollermühli - Brüggli

Publiziert am 05.03.2019 von GabrielleMerk | 27362 Punkte
 | Tour-Datum: 23.02.2019 

As part of the federal "Visit a Barnyard" program to promote support for Swiss Farmers and educate the general public on the importance of the work done by these hardworking citizens, the students of the HF Agrotechnik 2013-2015 Schluechthof LBBZ Cham together with the Zug Farmers' Association have created an educational farm trail in the Letzi area of Zug. Three farms on a 600m stretch along the Lorze River participate in the program, offering the public access to their barns to look at farm machinery, animals such as calves, chickens and pigs, and to see other aspects of farm life such as power from solar panels, use of the land (crops such as the popular Zuger cherries), and beehives.

Among other things, two of the farms run a farm store offering all kinds of goods produced on the farm as well as locally, and the other farm runs a garden restaurant with a lovely playground. There is lots to do and see on this short walk, which can naturally be combined as a round tour with a pleasant walk along the old Lorze River and the bird sanctuaries along Lake Zug in the area bounded by the New and the Old Lorze Rivers. Furthermore, the large Brüggli Park on Lake Zug offers free access to swimming in the above average warm waters of Lake Zug, and a large parking lot if arriving by car. Additionally, only 500m further East of the Lorze River is a free Badi access to the lake as well, which includes a restaurant, changing rooms, and play area especially made for children.

The entire 5 km round tour including walk along the lake is wheel-chair and buggy-accessible.

*** Particular note of interest: The 2019 Swiss National Wrestling Championships take place on 23-25 August across the Lorze River from the Freimann Farm. Tents and campgrounds will be set up just behind the farms.

Publiziert am 05.03.2019 von GabrielleMerk (27362 Punkte) | Tour-Datum: 23.02.2019


1 Std. 15 Min.
5 km
30 m
30 m
Höchster Punkt
426 m
Tiefster Punkt
413 m
Empfohlene Saison
Januar - Dezember
Technik Wanderungen
Several farms along the way, Old Lorze stream, beach access, bird sanctuary, playground at Freimann Farm.
Brüggli Campground and Beach Access
Anreise ÖV
Brüggli Campground and Beach Access
Rückreise ÖV
Brüggli, Badi, Gasthaus Freimann
Visits to the farms must be respectful, i.e. respect the private living spaces, do not go into the enclosures or fenced-off areas. If the farmers have time, a guided tour can be arranged. // At the Freimann Farm where you can view mother cows, they don't want you to pet the calves as mother cows are very protective. Calves can be petted at the Iten Farm. // Freimann Restaurant is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays // Best time to do this walk is in spring when the trees are blossoming.

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