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Hotel Garni Cà Vegia★★★

6656 Intragna
Hotel Garni Cà Vegia, Intragna

In Golino-Intragna im Centovalli-Tal, nur 5 km von Ascona entfernt erwartet Sie das...

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Valle da Riei

Cresmino (Onsernone) - Streccia - Oratorio Sant'Anna - Verscio

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Cresmino (Onsernone) - Streccia - Oratorio Sant'Anna - Verscio

Publiziert am 30.12.2016 von GabrielleMerk | 26729 Punkte
 | Tour-Datum: 26.12.2016 | Favoriten-Einträge (2) 

This particular tour was mapped for maximum sunshine on a winter day (when there is little snow and mild weather in the Ticino then this tour can be done year-round) and it did not disappoint! Furthermore, the tour offers some spectacular views of the Melazza Valley with the villages of Terre di Pedemonte (Cavigliano, Verscio and Tegna) all the way across the Maggia Delta and Lago Maggiore to the peaks of Monte Tamaro and Monte Gambarogno.

Starting in the Onsernone Valley, you quickly move to the Southern Flank of Pedemonte and marvel at the contrast of the warm sun compared to dark winter shadows below. The trail is easy enough for the first half hour through typical Ticino forests and past some lovely rustici homes.

After a short steep ascent, the most interesting part of the trail takes you unexpectedly along a steep cliff wall on a narrow trail through two fascinating short tunnels whose entrances and roofs are so low you must bend down to go through! The trail is wide enough and there are guard rails on the downhill side, but it would be best to be vertigo-free to pass this section.

About 1 hour and 15 minutes into the hike the trail turns northward into the Riei Valley, which you follow all the way back (on the upper trail -- there are several short wet sections in winter and spring where small rivulets come off the cliffs) to the little hamlet of Streccia, a surprising and sleepy oasis in a well-groomed clearing. From here you could descend into the Maggia valley; in any case, there is a small rise above the hamlet where you get a good view of Monte Cardada-Cimetta and the Maggia Valley.

Descending through the hamlet and along the river Riei are loads more surprises, including lovely stone walls encasing a stone-paved path, great afternoon lighting in the leafless trees (in winter) and a Grotto which unfortunately is only open from Easter to October.

At the little arched bridge lower down one could descend directly to Verscio, but a nicer alternative is the detour via Oratoria Sant'Anna, perched wonderfully above Tegna and Verscio with more superb views into the valley. A great place to soak in the late winter afternoon sun!

The trail from here to Verscio is easy to descend as it is nicely paved in stones and passes several shrines... this was probably the pilgrim's ascent from the valley to the church above. And Verscio is a lovely typical Ticino community worth a stroll through before heading to the train station.

Publiziert am 30.12.2016 von GabrielleMerk (26729 Punkte) | Tour-Datum: 26.12.2016


3 Std.
10 km
357 m
587 m
Höchster Punkt
710 m
Tiefster Punkt
273 m
Empfohlene Saison
Februar - November
Technik Wanderungen
Streccia, Oratorio Sant'Anna.
Cresmino in the Onsernone Valley
Anreise ÖV
Rückreise ÖV
Verscio, Grotto Da Rosy near Streccia (open Saturdays and Sundays plus holidays between Easter and end of October)
- At the Cresmino, Funivia bus stop is a farm that sells home-made goat salami. - If the temperatures have been freezing, there will probably be icy spots where the water crosses the path and therefore too dangerous.

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Eine perfekt beschriebene einzigartige Wanderung! Wenn im (Spät-)Herbst stellenweise...

Bewertung: Note 6/6

Von Roru  | 5479 Punkte
 | bewertet am 28.10.2017 / gewandert am 27.10.2017

Eine perfekt beschriebene einzigartige Wanderung! Wenn im (Spät-)Herbst stellenweise gut knöcheltief Laub auf den steindurchsetzten Weglein liegt, ist etwas Vorsicht geboten.

Weitere Bewertungen anzeigen
Eine von den schönsten Touren, die ich gemacht habe. Definitiv zu empfehlen. Sehr...

Bewertung: Note 6/6

Von GabrielleMerk  | 26729 Punkte
 | bewertet am 13.06.2017 / gewandert am 26.12.2016

Eine von den schönsten Touren, die ich gemacht habe. Definitiv zu empfehlen. Sehr abwechslungsreich, kann auch im Winter gemacht werden wenn kein Schnee im Tessin liegt. Ist auch höher als der Schatten in den engen Tälern.

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Publiziert am 06.03.2017 von GabrielleMerk

In the Middle Ages, the old mule trail “Via delle Vose” was the only road connecting the villages of the wild and steep Onsernone Valley with the harbour and markets at Ascona... mehr >>

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Bewertungen zu dieser Tour 0
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Favoriten-Einträge 4
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Publiziert am 23.10.2016 von GabrielleMerk

October is the perfect time to hike in the Ticino because the thick chestnut forests are starting to change colour, and the beautiful fat glossy nuts are pelting down all... mehr >>

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Bewertungen zu dieser Tour 0
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Favoriten-Einträge 2
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From Verdasio to Intragna on the Sentiero di Comino

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Publiziert am 07.06.2016 von GabrielleMerk

This tour up Monte Comino in the magnificent Centovalli and down to Intragna definitely rates as one of the best! There is a cable car from Verdasio up the mountain, shortening... mehr >>

Bewertungen zu dieser Tour 1
Bewertungen zu dieser Tour 1
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Favoriten-Einträge 4
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Round Tour in the Valle del Salto, Maggia Valley

⏱️ 3 Std. 45 Min.  / ↔ 9 km / ↑ 690 m / ↓ 690 m / ⛰ 872 m / ☀️ 3/5 / 😀 3/5  (Legende)

Publiziert am 18.05.2016 von GabrielleMerk

The Maggia Valley in the Ticino is renowned for its side valleys such as the Bavona, Lavizzara, Vergoletto, Bosco Gurin, Peccia… but some of the lesser known side valleys are... mehr >>

Bewertungen zu dieser Tour 2
Bewertungen zu dieser Tour 2
Favoriten-Einträge 6
Favoriten-Einträge 6
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From Monti to Monti in the Gambarogno

⏱️ 4 Std. 30 Min.  / ↔ 11 km / ↑ 316 m / ↓ 879 m / ⛰ 926 m / ☀️ 3/5 / 😀 4/5  (Legende)

Publiziert am 12.05.2016 von GabrielleMerk

The small villages (called “Monti) along the West flank of Monte Gambarogno served in earlier times as the summer lodgings for the farmers. In more recent times the homes have... mehr >>

Bewertungen zu dieser Tour 1
Bewertungen zu dieser Tour 1
Favoriten-Einträge 2
Favoriten-Einträge 2