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    Schaffhausen to Rheinau – Highlight RHINE FALLS

    Schaffhausen - Rhine Falls - Rheinau

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    Schaffhausen to Rheinau – Highlight RHINE FALLS

    Schaffhausen - Rhine Falls - Rheinau

    Published on 02.07.2016 by GabrielleMerk - Tour Date: 18.06.2016

    He who has not yet seen the Rhine Falls must definitely do so at least once in his lifetime! The Rhine Falls are the largest falls in Europe, measuring 150m in width and 23m in height, with an average of 600m3 per second of water plunging over the falls in summer.

    (At the time of this hike in June of 2016, after so much rain this spring, the volume of water going over the falls increased by 50% to 875m3 per second)

    This is a pleasant and non-strenuous hike starting in the very pretty old town of Schaffhausen with its signature benches and the Munot Tower. (If you have the time before starting on the walk, the stairs to the Tower/Castle lead off from the main street in the old town)

    In just one hour you reach the falls, where you must spend some time admiring the might of the water that flows through this point. There are various options from here to take a boat ride to the other riverbank below the Castle “Schloss Laufen”, or to very close to the Falls (with the option to climb to the top of the landmark boulders in the middle of the falls – no access if the volume of water is too large), or down the river a bit and back.

    From the falls the walk continues for the next hour near the river bank first on the right and then on the left, and for the final hour before approaching Rheinau through a pleasant weaving trail through the forest parallel to but higher than the river.

    The structures on the island at Rheinau were formerly a Benedictine Monastery, and the church with its magnificent interior is an impressive example of Baroque architecture and one of Switzerland’s most significant religious structures.



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    Published on 02.07.2016 by GabrielleMerk - Tour Date: 18.06.2016

    Route Details 

    Download GPS-File / SwitzerlandMobility Map
    Download GPS-File / SwitzerlandMobility Map
    Time Required
    3 hours 30 minutes
    14 km
    150 m
    182 m
    Season Start / Season End
    January - December
    Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
    Points of Interest
    Old town Schaffhausen, Rhine Falls, Monastery Church in Rheinau
    Starting Point
    Starting Point with Public Transport
    Return with Public Transport
    Places to Eat
    Schaffhausen, Rhine Falls, Rheinau
    Things to Note
    When the Rhine River is at high water, part of the riverbank trail might be under water.

    Route Description 

    From the Schaffhausen Railway Station, walk East through the old town toward the boat docks. Along the way to the left is the staircase to the Munot Castle.

    00:00 At the River near where the boat docks is a bridge. Cross the bridge to the other side of the river, turn right, and continue through a forest trail to the next bridge.

    00:20 Cross the bridge back to the city side, go left under the underpass and continue South along the right bank of the Rhine River.

    00:40 Reach the bridge at Neuhausen. Continue on the right bank of the river.

    01:00 Reach the train bridge at the top of the Falls. You can take a detour on the bridge for a view of the Falls from the top. Then continue down a series of steps with several lookout points onto the falls.

    01:15 Reach Burg Wörth, from where the tourist boats depart. Stay on this side and continue in the direction of "Kloster Rheinau"

    01:30 Reach the bridge at Nohl. Cross the bridge to the left bank and continue in the direction of "Kloster Rheinau".

    02:00 Here is a nice little outdoor swimming facility with picnic area and access to swim in the river. Continue along the riverbank trail.

    02:15 The trail now leaves the river bank and goes uphill, and the next hour is a walk past a large clearing, then along a forest road, and then a weaving trail through the forest always parallel to the river.

    03:00 Reach the paved road to Rheinau. Turn right toward the river, then left just before the power station bridge. Follow the riverbank trail (Uferweg) to Kloster Rheinau, or if the trail is underwater, head up to the paved road into Rheinau.

    03:10 Cross the bridge onto the Island with the Monastery.

    03:20 To get to the Unterstadt Bus Stop, cross the bridge back onto the mainland and continue straight through the little cluster of buildings up the hill.





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