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    Five-Lake Hike at the Gotthard Pass

    Gotthard Hotel - Lago di Lucendro - Laghi d'Orsirora - Lucendro Dam - Gotthard Hotel

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    Five-Lake Hike at the Gotthard Pass

    Gotthard Hotel - Lago di Lucendro - Laghi d'Orsirora - Lucendro Dam - Gotthard Hotel

    Published on 02.07.2016 by GabrielleMerk - Tour Date: 29.08.2013

    This high Alpine hike (and in my opinion one of the most beautiful of alpine tours) is not extremely difficult and its accessibility means that even beginner hikers can experience the beauty of the rocky Alpine landscape with views across the tops of the neighbouring peaks.

    The round tour starts with an easy ½-hour walk from the Gotthard Pass Hotel past the shimmering Piazza Lake along the old cobblestone Gotthard road to the dam at Lake Lucendro, followed by a 100-m ascent to the beautiful lake. About halfway to the back of the lake another 250-m ascent takes you to the first of a handful of small mountain lakes on a type of “high plateau”. From here you wind through the granite-strewn landscape from lake to lake with stunning ever-changing vistas before descending again to the dam and back to the Gotthard Hotel.

    The description found at the TicinoTopTen website describes this tour quite nicely. Even though the tour maps out at 4 hours (and the trail markers show 4 hours), it takes closer to 4.5 or 5 hours, as described on their website.

    NOTE: Although the recommendation is to do the tour counterclockwise, we recommend starting along the lake. The uphill portions are about the same, but the uphill climb at the lake is less strenuous. On the other hand, more care must be taken to descend from the North side of the loop as there are steep rocky sections.

    NOTE: At about the half-way point take the 15-minute detour to the Gatscholalücke for a stunning view down into the Ursuren Valley all the way to Realp.



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    Published on 02.07.2016 by GabrielleMerk - Tour Date: 29.08.2013

    Route Details 

    Download GPS-File / SwitzerlandMobility Map
    Download GPS-File / SwitzerlandMobility Map
    Time Required
    4 hours 30 minutes
    13 km
    593 m
    593 m
    Season Start / Season End
    July - September
    Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
    Points of Interest
    Dam structure at Lake Lucendro, Small power plant along the trail on the way back to the dam.
    Starting Point
    Hotel at the Gotthard Pass
    Starting Point with Public Transport
    Hotel at the Gotthard Pass
    Return with Public Transport
    Places to Eat
    Gotthard Pass
    Things to Note
    The hike is not difficult but good shoes are required. If coming by car, you can save an hour's walking by parking at the dam.

    Route Description 

    00:00 Start at the Gotthard Pass Hotel and walk past Lago della Piazza along the old Gotthard Road, following the signs for "Laghi d'Orsirora", at some point crossing under the new road toward the dam.

    00:30 Reach the Lucendro Dam. Go up the road on the right side of the dam, toward Alpe di Lucendro. At the trail junction take the left hand trail (straight ahead) that goes along the lake.

    01:00 Arrive at the junction of trails where the tour goes uphill, toward Laghi d'Orsirora.

    02:00 Reach the first large lake, Laghi della Valetta (there is actually a second one behind it)

    02:20 Reach the trail junction (markers nailed to a rock) where you could take the detour up the hill to the left to the Gatscholalücke (recommended, only 15 mins.). Continue toward Laghi d'Orsirora which you then reach a few minutes later.

    From here there are a couple of steep and rocky sections as you descend toward Lago d'Orsino.

    03.00 Just before Lago d'Orsino the trail divides, one follows along the lake, the other a bit higher (watch for the junction). The trail that follows the lake ends in a very steep descent and requires careful crossing of a marshy and wet area before meeting up with the official upper trail. Definitely keep to the upper trail.

    03.30 The descent is finished, now continue back toward the dam, passing a small power plant. The very last section before finishing the loop is a steep short climb requiring large steps.

    03:50 Reach the junction at the dam. Turn left and head back to the base of the dam along the same trail, and then back to the Gotthard Hotel.

    04:20 Back at the Post Bus Stop at the Gotthard Hotel.





    Hammerschön, müsste die Bezeichnung ”Top Wanderungen der Schweiz” bekommen. So sehr...
    Hiked on 19.07.2016 by GabrielleMerk
    Hammerschön, müsste die Bezeichnung ”Top Wanderungen der Schweiz” bekommen. So sehr abwechslungsreich.



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