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    The Chestnut Trail (Upper Malcantone)

    Arosio - Mugena - Vezio - Fescoggia - Arosio

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    The Chestnut Trail (Upper Malcantone)

    Arosio - Mugena - Vezio - Fescoggia - Arosio

    Published on 21.12.2015 by GabrielleMerk - Tour Date: 17.12.2015

    This 3.5-hour educational tour through the chestnut groves of the Ticino would probably be prettier in the summer or autumn when the trees have leaves or the chestnuts are falling, but it’s still a nice walk through the forests that can be undertaken late in the year, and still enjoy some sunshine.

    The four villages on the “Sentiero del Castagno” (Arosio, Mugena, Vezio and Fescoggia) lie at the foot of the mountain range from Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema. Till about the mid-1800’s the families in this area depended on the chestnut harvest for a big part of their diet. Many families cultivated their own trees, which could produce up to 200 kg of chestnuts. For a variety of reasons including a chestnut tree “cancer”, the groves were abandoned and allowed to go wild. But through the efforts of these communities, the old traditional chestnut groves are reviving. One of the nicest of these groves is located between Mugena and Vezio along the trail, shortly after the little pond and river crossing. Also along the trail are various stations showing how the chestnuts were processed and cured.

    This walk can be shortened at any time by catching the bus back from any of the four villages along the tour.

    The trip up to the Upper Malcantone is an experience in itself, navigating the many hairpin turns of the steep road up from the Malcantone Valley.



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    Published on 21.12.2015 by GabrielleMerk - Tour Date: 17.12.2015

    Route Details 

    Download GPS-File / SwitzerlandMobility Map
    Download GPS-File / SwitzerlandMobility Map
    Time Required
    3 hours 30 minutes
    11 km
    465 m
    465 m
    Season Start / Season End
    March - December
    Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
    Points of Interest
    Chestnut groves between Mugena and Vezio; Church of S. Michele in Arosio with its old wall paintings
    Starting Point
    Starting Point with Public Transport
    Return with Public Transport
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    Route Description 

    00:00 Leave Arosio, walk in the direction of Mugena

    00:20 In Mugena, stay along the road below the village until the "Sentiero del Castagno" branches to the right, approx. 5 minutes. Do not follow the red/white trail marker up the hill in the village.

    00:35 Wooden bridge crossing the river, and small pond. Continue to follow the trail signs with the picture of a chestnut, in the direction of Vezio.

    01:05 Arrive at the little structure which shows how chestnuts were dried so that they would keep for months.

    01:20 Arrive above the village of Vezio. Nice view to Mugena. No need to descend into Vezio as you will come here again later on the route. From here the path goes uphill. Follow the trail marker with the chestnut in the direction of Fescoggia.

    01:35 Arrive at the highest point of the trail from here the trail continues along even ground to Fescoggia.

    02:00 Arrive in Fescoggia. Follow the trail markers to Vezio.

    02:25 Arrive in Vezio. It is worth taking a detour to look around the village. Then continue in the direction of Arosio.

    02:55 Arrive at the fork of the trail to Mugena / Arosio. From here you can walk back to Mugena (5 minutes) or continue on to Arosio (via Piano di Piem) to the starting point of the tour, another approx. 30 minutes or so.

    03:25 Arrive back in Arosio.





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