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    Alpe Foppa to Monte Lema

    Alpe Foppa - Monte Tamaro - Monte Lema

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    Alpe Foppa to Monte Lema

    Alpe Foppa - Monte Tamaro - Monte Lema

    Published on 07.01.2016 by GabrielleMerk - Tour Date: 24.10.2014

    The ridge trail from Monte Tamaro to Monte Lema is a classic among the Swiss ridge trails. The ascent from Alpe Foppa to the look-out on Monte Tamaro requires a bit of endurance, but is well worth the climb for the fantastic views that stretch across Italy to the South, the Grisons Alps to the East, and all the way to the Monte Rosa Massif in the Valais Alps. During the entire hike there are ever changing glimpses into the Leventina Valley and Alto Malcantone to the East and the mostly Italian Veddesca Valley on the West.

    A highlight is the Church of Santa Maria on Alpe Foppa, just after you come up by cable car from Rivera (Monte Ceneri). Built by Switzerland’s darling architect Mario Botta, this unique structure is full of all kinds of interesting details, and should not be missed.

    The route can be shortened by walking around the peak of Monte Tamaro, but the 360-degree view is definitely worth the extra time and effort.

    At the end of the hike you take the cable car down to Meglieglia from Monte Lema. Word of caution: there may be many people waiting to descend and the cars run only every half hour.



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    Published on 07.01.2016 by GabrielleMerk - Tour Date: 24.10.2014

    Route Details 

    Download GPS-File / SwitzerlandMobility Map
    Download GPS-File / SwitzerlandMobility Map
    Time Required
    5 hours
    13 km
    811 m
    784 m
    Season Start / Season End
    May - October
    Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
    Points of Interest
    Chiesa di S. Maria degli Angeli von Mario Botta. Summit of Monte Tamaro (360 deg. view)
    Starting Point
    Cable Car Station Alpe Foppa
    Starting Point with Public Transport
    Cable Car Station Monte Lema
    Return with Public Transport
    Places to Eat
    Alpe Foppa, Campagna Monte Tamaro, Monte Lema
    Things to Note
    The cable cars from Rivera to Alpe Foppa and from Monte Lema to Miglieglia run only from approx. April 1st to November 1st. As of 2015, the GA and 1/2-Tax subscriptions are valid for 1/2-price fare on the Rivera-Alpe Foppa gondola.

    Route Description 

    From Rivera (Monte Ceneri) take the cable car (gondola) to Alpe Foppa, and visit the Mario Botta Church before starting on the hike.

    00:00: From Alpe Foppa follow the trail in the direction of Monte Lema.

    01:10: After reaching the Capanna Tamaro, you descend to a saddle just beneath the peak of Monte Tamaro. You can continue to the left along the base of this peak, or ascend the steep path (20 minutes) for a fantastic 360 degree view...

    01:50: Arrive summit of Monte Tamaro. From here descend in the direction of Monte Lema.

    02:10: Arrive Bassa di Indemini. From here simply keep following the signs to Monte Lema.

    05:00: Arrive Monte Lema Cable Car Station. The cable car takes you to Miglieglia and from there with the bus you can head back into the the Vedeggio Valley to Lamone, where you catch the train.





    Diese Wanderung beginnt mit dem beeindruckenden Botta Bau Santa Maria degli Angeli auf...
    Hiked on 12.07.2014 by Sollberger
    Diese Wanderung beginnt mit dem beeindruckenden Botta Bau Santa Maria degli Angeli auf der Alpe Foppa, wenige Schritte von der Bergstation.



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