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    On the Pragelpass Trail from Lake Klöntal to Muotathal

    Richisau - Schwelaui - Pragel Pass - Fruttli - Haselbach - Muotathal

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    On the Pragelpass Trail from Lake Klöntal to Muotathal

    Richisau - Schwelaui - Pragel Pass - Fruttli - Haselbach - Muotathal

    Published on 18.10.2016 by GabrielleMerk - Tour Date: 16.10.2016

    This tour is Stage 2 of Route 29: The Pragelpass Trail. We start at the final bus stop of the Postbus from Glarus near the wonderful lake called Klöntalersee, at the Richisau Restaurant which has a very quaint terrace where you can relax and enjoy a drink before starting on the tour.

    This tour to the Muota Valley over the Pragel Pass might stretch out in kilometers but does not involve any particularly steep ascents and so makes for a rather enjoyable hike. There are a couple of 15-minute stretches along the paved road, but mostly the trail goes through forests, meadows, and unpaved roads (the latter to the West of the pass), past farmsteads and moor landscapes, and in particular a very impressive 1-km section of well-laid stone path through a rock-slide area.

    At 1548m the Pragel Pass is not a high one, but it is closed the longest to vehicular traffic in winter, opening again only late in May. The road is quite narrow and steep, and on weekends vehicles are not allowed up to the pass from the Eastern side. This pass has historic status due to the great Generalissimo Suvorov leading an army of 15,000 over the pass in 1799.

    We discovered that the little family-run restaurant at the pass sells the best-tasting homemade cheese called Pragel-Chäs which is reasonably-priced and definetely recommended to buy.

    Other interesting things to note along this tour is that just to the South is Switzerland's largest primeval forest called the Bödmerenwald, and down in the Muota Valley is one of the largest cave systems in the world (Hölloch). The Franciscan Cloister North of the Muota River in Muotathal has been home to Franciscan nuns for 725 years. (Visits only by appointment). General Suvarov stayed here at the time of his retreat through the Swiss Alps with his troops during the wars of the French Revolution.



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    Published on 18.10.2016 by GabrielleMerk - Tour Date: 16.10.2016

    Route Details 

    Central Switzerland
    Time Required
    5 hours
    17 km
    540 m
    1030 m
    Season Start / Season End
    June - October
    Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
    Points of Interest
    To the South of the valley is Switzerland's largest virgin forest, the Bödmerenwald. At the end of the hike near Muotathal is the Höllloch, the longest cave system in Europe with 195 km of explored passageways.
    Starting Point
    Hotel-Restaurant Richisau
    Starting Point with Public Transport
    Return with Public Transport
    Places to Eat
    Richisau, Pragel Pass, Muotathal
    Things to Note
    Vehicle traffic to the Pass only allowed from the West side on weekends. Post Bus runs only till mid-October and then in May again, so check schedules.

    Route Description 

    00:00 Hike starts at the Richisau Tavern (of cultural interest). Follow the paved road toward the pass.

    00:15 After crossing the bridge, the trail leaves the paved road and goes up a steep piece to the right. Follow Route 29 "Pragelpassweg", the one marked 1 hr. 50 mins.

    01:00 The forest / meadow trail rejoins the road here (Schwelaui). 10 minutes later the trail goes off to the right again. Continue along Route 29.

    02:00 Reach the stone chapel at the Pragel Pass. Continue along Route 29 toward Muotathal (mostly on an unpaved road).

    03:00 Trail rejoins the Pragel Pass Road here at Fruttli. VERY IMPORTANT, the trail takes a sharp almost 180 degree turn to the right here down to the river and up to the meadow on the other side.

    03:30 Reach the area of the rock slide where the next 1 km is over a wonderfully laid-out stone path.

    04:00 Trail joins the paved Haselbach road.

    04:15 Reach the "Haselbach" trail marker where the road curves to the right. The trail goes straight ahead steep downhill toward Hölloch.

    04:40 Reach Hölloch Bus Station in Stalden. You can end the tour here, or continue on to see the Monastery where General Suvorov stayed in 1799.

    04:45 Reach a junction in the road, take the upper road all the way to the Monastery. Turn left at the Monastery, walk across the river, and to the main road.

    05:00 Reach the Bus Stop at Muotathal/Sternen, or walk eastward to the next stop Muotathal/Post.





    Sehr schöne Wanderung auch im Herbst, und nicht sehr anstrengend. Leider fährt das...
    Hiked on 16.10.2016 by GabrielleMerk
    Sehr schöne Wanderung auch im Herbst, und nicht sehr anstrengend. Leider fährt das Postauto ab 16.10. nicht mehr bis Mai.



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