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Steingletscher Bus Stop - Steinsee - Seeboden - Steingletscher
4 hours / 4 km

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Walk around Lake Göscheneralp

Göscheneralp - Damma - Brätschenflue - Göscheneralp

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Walk around Lake Göscheneralp

Göscheneralp - Damma - Brätschenflue - Göscheneralp

Published on 08.01.2016 by GabrielleMerk | Tour Date: 05.08.2015 | Favourite Entries (4)

Lovely views accompany you all the way on this idyllic hike around the Göscheneralp Lake, starting at the natural earth dam, going past the Damma Glacier, across a glacier moraine and through a high moor with its charming ponds. Water is a constant companion as well, appearing out of the ground and rushing in rivers or cascades into the turquoise glacier lake.

A post bus takes you up the valley from Göschenen to the Dammagletscher Restaurant at the lake, as the bus driver explains that only a few families remain in this valley in winter, and the children, who live with relatives in the Reuss Valley during the week to attend school, are transported back and forth by snowmobile.

The 8 km hike around the lake can be undertaken in either direction and there are several options for side hikes to the five Swiss Alpine Club hostels in the area.

The natural dam was completed in 1960 and required flooding the small community of Hinteralp, whose residents had to move further down the valley to the village of Gwüest. Every 10 years the lake is drained in order to do maintenance work on the power plant equipment, and the remains of the old village become visible.

The project “myclimate Audio Adventure Göscheneralp” is an additional attraction for those interested in finding out more about the ecology of the area. This project is a result of many years of research by the ETH in this area, and they have compiled information in 9 stations along the trail. The audio guide can be borrowed at the Dammagletscher Restaurant.



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Published on 08.01.2016 by GabrielleMerk | Tour Date: 05.08.2015 | Favourite Entries (4)

Route Details 

Central Switzerland
Time Required
3 hours 10 minutes
9 km
454 m
446 m
Max. Altitude
2046 m
Min. Altitude
1783 m
Season Start / Season End
July - October
Level of Difficulty (Hiking)
Points of Interest
9 Ecology Audio stations along the route. Church bell from flooded village is displayed near the start of the tour.
Starting Point
Berggasthaus Dammagletscher (Restaurant)
Starting Point with Public Transport
Berggasthaus Dammagletscher (Restaurant)
Return with Public Transport
Places to Eat
Berggasthaus Dammagletscher
Things to Note
The Post Bus from Göschenen to Göscheneralpsee runs only from 25 Juni-16 Oct (2016) and has to be ordered ahead of time at this number: 079 343 01 09

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